This Sudden Injury | Melodic hardcore/ pop-punk | Suffolk, England

Video above: “Seasons”

RILY: Basement, Polar Bear Club, The Movielife, Title Fight

This Sudden Injury is one of the best pop-punk bands that the UK has to offer. Their EP Ghosts is honestly flawless and you’d be a fool to not check it out/ download it. Be sure to follow their tumblr too!

***Free music: Ghosts, Sleep Tonight 

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

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Well look who we have here, the hottest pop punk band to come outta the valleys this summer. we caught up with Chris Evans(frontman)from the band HOTDAMN to chat all things teatopia.

Who are HOTDAMN?

Hot Damn are a Pop Punk band From South Wales with Chris Evans on vocals, Liam Torrance and…

Pop Punk conquers, lol.

Pop Punk conquers, lol.

My Band.

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Me Vs Hero - Can You Count Suckers.

I seriously watch this video twice maybe three times a day.

My band is playing with Starters

And I really like Starters so I’m pretty stoked on it.

They’re playing a few shows with Man Overboard and Transit so that’s rad.

Here’s a link for starters demo if anyone cares, I think i might’ve posted it before but here it is again anyway.


Such Gold - Cut Rides
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Such Gold - Cut Rides

The Movielife

just downloaded all the movielife’s albums and eps, this is going to be a good week.

Hot Damn

our bro from another ho, ian remixed and remastered 2 of the tracks we recorded with him. download them pls and listen to them pls.


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